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Change Over Switch

Change Over Switch

General Information
Change Over Switch Type: SAB16, SAB25, SAB32, SAB50, SAB75
Current: 16A, 25A, 32A, 50A, 75A
Max. Voltage: 690VAC
Poles: 1Pole, 2Pole, 3Pole, 4Pole
Plate Size: M1 (54X54mm), M2 (72x72mm), M3 (105x105mm)
Faceplate: 1-0-2, A-O-M
Degree of Rotation: 45°, 90°

We at we back up our products with a 12 or 13-month warranty, during which substandard products are replaced free of charge. In addition, we can offer OEM service and customize products according to customers' sample, drawings or other requirements. Free product samples (less than USD30) and wearing parts are also available, upon request. As a result, customers can feel secure in purchasing our axial fan, fan filter, cam switch, isolator switch, push button switch and LED indicator.

Every piece of we product is assigned a production code number.

Mini order amount USD5,000

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